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White String Wound Filter Cartridge

The White String Wound Filter Cartridge is a highly effective and reliable water filtration solution designed to provide clean and clear water for a wide range of applications. This filter cartridge is made of a high-quality white polypropylene material, tightly wound around a sturdy core, creating a dense and efficient filtration structure.

With its excellent dirt-holding capacity and filtration efficiency, the White String Wound Filter Cartridge effectively captures sediment, particles, rust, and other impurities from the water, ensuring a reliable supply of purified water for your home, business, or industrial processes.

The white color of the cartridge signifies its depth filtration capability, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring fine filtration and high flow rates. The construction of the cartridge ensures minimal fiber migration and release, providing consistent and reliable performance throughout its usage.

The White String Wound Filter Cartridge is compatible with various filter housings, making it easy to integrate into your existing filtration system or use in new installations. Its easy installation and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice for both professional installers and homeowners.

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