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Pet Pleated Filter Cartridges

Pet Pleated Filter Cartridges are high-quality filter cartridges that are designed for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These cartridges are made from a durable and versatile polyester material that is pleated to increase the surface area and improve the overall filtration efficiency.

One of the key benefits of Pet Pleated Filter Cartridges is that they are highly effective in removing impurities such as sediment, dirt, and debris from water. The pleated design of the filter cartridges provides a larger surface area for filtration, allowing them to trap a greater amount of contaminants and improve the overall quality of the water.


Media: Polyester (PET)

• Outside Diameter: 2.5’4.5”

• Inner Diameter: 1’’

• Length: 10″, 20″,

• Micron rating (nominal ) : 1-5 Up to 50,Micron

• Filter Media: Polyester (Pet Plated)

• Maximum operating temperature Rating: 52°C

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