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Cabinet Type 1035 water softener

The Cabinet Type 1035 water softener is a compact and efficient water treatment system that is designed to remove hardness minerals from water. This system features a cabinet-style design that is easy to install and takes up minimal space, making it an excellent option for residential and commercial properties with limited space.

The 1035 water softener utilizes a resin-based ion exchange process to remove minerals that cause hardness, such as calcium and magnesium, from water. This process exchanges hardness ions with sodium ions, resulting in softened water that is free from mineral buildup.



Cabinet-L: 32*48*114 cm (blue & white)
Control valve
1035 fiber glass vessel
Cation resin
Transformer 12V
Salt valve set
1” inlet connector
Brine pipe connector
Shipping dimension: 51*45*125 cm/set, 46kg

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