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2 Stage Big Blue Jumbo 10"×4.5

Big blue water filtration system is one of the very popular models in Dubai. In big blue whole house water filtration segment, based on sizes we have multiple products which can be used as per water consumption and choice. If you want better clarification in choosing which big blue whole house filtration can fulfill your requirements then you must understand complete details of the device.

To understand details of the big blue 10″x 4.5” Big Blue system then you are most welcome to contact our experts and we would be glad to guide in choosing best water filtration system in Dubai.

high flow-rate applications. Sumps are available in both 10″ and 20″ lengths.
(1) PP Spun 5 Micron Sediment Filter Cartridges 10″x4.5” Big Blue
Removes rust, silt, scale, sediment, dirt, coarse sand and sand from water.
(2) CTO CARBON FILTER 10″x4.5” Big Blue
Reduces cloudiness, VOCs, chlorine, organic chemicals, unnatural tastes and odors found in tap water.
in/Outlet: 1”

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